Joven graduated from UCLA with a degree in Economics. As a result, he entered the working world staying as far away as possible from the principles of Economics, and decided to spend his paychecks into funding side projects that don’t necessarily make profit but is guaranteed fun. So why would he do this?

Taking from his passion of mod-ing anything and everything that moves or exists at a very young age, he applied this creativity and approach in his career. As he ventured onto the Digital Media space, he acquired expertise in web development, knowledge of user experience and the constant drive to be in the cutting edge of technology. As part of the Product Design & Development team, his daily responsibilities enabled him to make his ideas come to life through innovation and prototyping the next big thing for the company, which then earned him three Disney Inventor Awards.

Take all of that, multiply it by 10, and know that all of this is applied to home projects built in the comfort of his own garage. From projects like the BIGMac, FlipFloat and many other things he has has yet to post, it’s quite obvious that once an idea creeps its way into his head –it will eventually make its way into his drawing board and one will probably see it on this site a few weeks or days from now.

When he’s not busy tinkering away in the wee hours of the morning however, he can be found traveling and pretending to be Survivor Man as he subconsciously tests his concept of self preservation when he goes ziplining, spelunking, whitewater rafting and skydiving. He also dabbles in photography and finds time to hang out with friends while sharing his thoughts and ideas with the rest of the world about every topic under the sun –except maybe in Economics.

– L.P. 2009