Posted on Feb 24, 2009

Personal K-Cup Stand

personal kcup stand

If you haven’t already, check out Keurig’s line of single cup brewing systems. They’re amazingly convenient and produce a pretty decent cup of coffee, tea, or hot cocoa in a matter of seconds. The brewing systems are based on their own easy substrate containers called K-Cups. As an owner of a brewer myself, I wanted a personal and stylish stand to hold a few of the K-Cups on my desk.

I few months ago, I thought this would be a perfect first project to learn Google’s SketchUp software as well as test a fairly new online manufacturing service called Ponoko. After I designed the stand in SketchUp, I exported to svg using a ruby plugin. I then used a vector editing program to apply my logo and duplicate the design onto ponoko’s templates. A few weeks later, I received the laser cut sheet in the mail. Using my toaster to heat the acrylic, I made the bends to produce the final shape.

I realize the final product may not be the most practical storage solution for the K-Cups, but there’s an amazing feeling of accomplishment to go from concept to final product.