Posted on Jan 12, 2009

BIGMac (Better Integrated Ghetto Mac Mini)

I couldn’t afford an Apple iMac, but I still wanted the benefits of an integrated computer solution on my small desk. After spending some time with “the google”, I found a bracket that mounts a mac mini to the standard lcd vesa monitor holes (see link below). Priced at $50, I sought out to create my own with some spare aluminum in my garage.

Build notes:
1. The VESA mount specs are: M4-.7 Screws spaced at 70mm.
2. Rubber stops protect from scratches as well as prevent the Mac Mini from accidental horizontal movement.
3. Rubber washers between the bracket and the monitor will help with surfaces that are not flat.

— Links —
SketchUp: Design (pdf)
Inspiration: MacCuff


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  • Halohalo says:

    Good project. The end result came out surprisingly well. But I swear I see my finger print on that bracket; where’s the credit, man?? =)

  • mattlumpkin says:

    I really like your design. The plans for my macbook mount were very similar. Lateral mov’t was a problem and access to tools and materials was also a problem. That said, I really appreciate the simplicity of your design.

  • Joe says:

    Nice one dude. but the lightbox images are coming up smaller than the image I click on..

  • digitaljoven says:

    Hi Joe,

    Thanks for the comment.

    I apologize for the broken lightbox. I’ve switched to a more recent JS library that should support a larger variety of browsers.

    Please let me know if you have any other issues.